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22 October 2015
Owners and operators reunited at the 9th Quo Vadis in Barcelona

17 June 2015
Introducing Steven Lindsay, Renewable Advice

8 June 2015
GWA Meets At Crystal Rig Wind Farm

22 May 2015
ZF Takes Over Industrial Gears and Wind Turbine Gearbox Business from Bosch Rexroth

30 April 2015
Quo Vadis is going to Barcelona

28 April 2015
Rewinds gets WD34 generator work from Cumbria

31 March 2015
GWA Supplies rapid response saves Robin Rigg

10 March 2015
GWA Members to Exhibit at IWEA

4 March 2015
GWA Supplies delivers a repeat order for V47 blades

19 February 2015
No Job Too Big For B9

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